R. K. Gems, Orchids & Tropicals

Lc Ahmad Sheikhi 'Mendenhall'     (cloned plant)  

Cattleya Species and Hybrids

Cloned Plants & Seedlings

Blc. Dean Martin 'Gigas'       (cloned plant)

Rich, deep fuchsia purple lips

Blc. George King 'Serendipity' (cloned plant)

Blc. George King 'Southern Cross'   (cloned plant)

Cattleya Penang 'Black Caesar'   (cloned plant)

Tall stems with good sized flowers arranged symmetrically.

Lc. Tristar Bouquet   (cloned plant)

Long spikes with clusters of over a dozen flowers with shiny almost waxy appearance. Dark lavender lips against red/lav lighter petals are very striking.

Cattleya intermedia 'Pine Knot'   (cloned plant)

Lc. Marcia Foster 'Bob Sanker'   (cloned plant)